Our Math Journey

Math is a special joy in our family. It's not because I'm good at it, or even because I ever particularly liked it as a child. (I did enjoy algebra...) But my eldest son SA(6) showed an early affinity for math, and that set me on a journey to learn all I could about keeping that love alive and flourishing. This journey is just beginning, and I know I have a lot to learn as we go on, both with this child and with the children coming up.

Here are some of my blog posts along the way:

First, there was the MOOC on "How to Learn Math" that I managed to get about halfway through.
Thoughts on Math 1
Thoughts on Math 2
Thoughts on Math 3

Then, we started Kindergarten with SA, then 5 years old.
The Three R's in our Homeschool: 'Rithmetic
Math Game: Bean Count
Kalah: Our New Favourite Math Game
Quotes from The Myth of Ability
Musings on Math
Palindromes: Our Best Math Lesson Ever!

This year, I decided to write a series exploring what Charlotte Mason says about math, and how her principles can help you in your choice of curriculum. Then I got busy, and the series got put on hold. Here's what there is so far.
Choosing Elementary Math Curriculum 1
The Charlotte Mason Math Teacher
The Charlotte Mason Math Teacher Part 2